Operation Rolling Thunder

Whatcom County Prayer list

May/June 2019


  • Pray for the Pastors of Whatcom County that they would receive rest, refreshment, and wisdom. Pray for physical health, healing, and protection for them and their spouses. Pray for anointing to lead their churches in continual prayer and in the ministry of the Word. Acts 6:4
  • Pray for 5 new church plants in 2019 and for a discipleship movement to be launched among the Nooksack Tribe and Lummi Tribe.


  • Pray for candidates aligned with godly values who will boldly speak out for the needs of the community in positions such as: county executive, city mayor, and county council at large.
  • Pray for Christians to be bold and involved in civic engagement in the public realm (media, city councils, pop culture, and government).


  • Please pray for purity, holiness, and faithfulness in our families. Pray that our churches would promote and fight for families and family values in our culture and society. Nehemiah 4:14
  • Pray for our neighbors, the orphan and the widow. Pray that our outreach through non-profit organizations (such as Skookum Kids, Rebound, and more) would represent Jesus Christ to them. James 1:27


  • Pray for the Christian business conference being hosted on September 19; that the preparation would be done with ease, there would be high attendance, and the result would be believers connected and bold in their witness.
  • Pray for favor and God's solutions for the Business and Commerce Committee as they advise the city of Bellingham on how to create a good climate for business.

Arts & Media

  • Pray for an increase of movies and television shows that promote godly Christian values.
  • Pray for blessings, protection, and health over PRAISE 106.5 staff and for an increase in listeners for the radio station.


  • Pray for refreshment and renewed energy over healthcare workers (house keepers, nurses, doctors, surgeons, etc) as they go through constant challenges and changes.
  • Pray for an increase of healthy habits in Whatcom County residents and a decrease in drug use and unhealthy habits.


  • Pray that the percentage of Christian teachers would increase in our local school districts and schools.
  • Pray for an increase of men and women as mentors in our schools; specifically pray for an increase in godly men mentors. Pray for churches to encourage their congregations to volunteer at their local school, and pray for mentoring programs such as Be The One, Good News Clubs, etc.


  • Pray for wisdom in conversations between city officials, government agencies, Christian non-profits and churches. Pray for an increase in trust and favor between the church and the city.
  • Pray for open doors so the gospel may be shared through nonprofit organizations to the people they serve; that there would be healing, salvation, and freedom in Jesus Christ.

International Missions

  • Pray for the worship camp June 27-July 1 for Christian Jewish and Arab youth. Pray for expanded participation of all the congregations in Israel, protection and grace for the leadership team, and for the Spirit of God to impact these teens in power and with deep love. Isaiah 44:5
  • Bihar, India continues to be one of the most difficult mission fields. Concerted efforts by a team of 55 indigenous missionaries has been met with stiff resistance by ethnic Hindus. Among tribal people, however, there is more openness and God is bringing a harvest. Scriptures by the tens of thousands are being distributed, but tens of thousands more are desperately needed! Pray for perseverance (for missionaries), resources (for more Scriptures), and that Isaiah 41:1-7 will be realized in Bihar.