Dear Family,

After much prayer and seeking advice, it has been the decision of the Elders to cancel all services at Evergreen this Sunday. Our state and county authorities are discouraging all unnecessary gatherings of 10-50 to curtail the spread of this new virus that’s impacting literally every aspect of life. (All Washington State schools are closed until at least 4/26.) I believe church is a necessary gathering, but it will have to be in smaller groupings rather than collectively.

This means no Sunday school or morning worship. Smaller groups can meet at their discretion. Please stay tuned to further announcements. We’re not in panic mode, but prayerful, precautionary mode, trusting all into God’s hands. We’re casting our cares upon Him because He cares for each of us individually and collectively. (I Pet 5:7) The elders and I were just agreeing that this is the loving thing to do to prevent unnecessary exposure.

If you find yourself unable to get out and need assistance with groceries, etc.. Expect a call from one of us soon. Let’s watch out for each other at this unusual opportune time to minister grace.


We know that many other churches are cancelling services locally as precautionary action to avoid its spread but encouraging small home gatherings and listening to on-line or televised preachers. I think that’s very important for Evergreen to do, as well.

Here’s a past sermon from June 29, 2015

Faith to Overcome

1 John 5


Here’s one of Pastor Steve Van Vleck’s from February 19, 2019

Stand firm in your faith

1 Peter 5


Here is the live stream link for John MacArthur this coming Sunday in response to the corona virus.



Here is some suggestions for prayer and praise:

1) Continue to praise God and give Him thanks during this challenging season. (Psalm 145)

2) Pray for many people around the world to turn to Jesus and believers would be bold in spreading the good news in person and with digital ministry. (Acts 4:29-37)

3) Pray for our community, church, state and national leaders who are making key decisions and setting the tone for responses. (1 Timothy 2:1-8)

4) Pray for our church family and followers of Jesus that we would choose faith over fear and love over selfishness, trusting God over sin. (Psalm 27)

5) Pray that we would be very united, connected and serve each other even though our building is closed. (John 17:20-26)

6) Pray for protection, comfort for people who have lost loved ones and healing for those who are sick and fighting for their lives. (Psalm 91)

7) Pray for courage and creativity as life and ministry looks different right now and this is an incredible opportunity to glorify Jesus. (2 Timothy 1:3-12)

Let's pray, abide with Jesus, and respond with action as the Holy Spirit leads and empowers us.

In His Service PSF


We would love to have you share with us in worship on Sunday mornings at 10:35.

I am sharing a series from the Book of Acts on Sundays. This series is titled, Start Up! We will be learning about the Holy Spirit... who He is, what He does, and His transforming power in the life of believers.

“And I remember the word of the Lord, how he said, 'John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit.'”

Acts 11:16