About Us


an independent, non-denominational, Bible-teaching church which attempts to minister to the needs of both families and singles of all ages. One of our goals is to disciple each believer to discover and fulfill their individual role in the body of Christ. We are constantly growing and learning how to best love and care for each other


We began as a Sunday school at our present location on March 17, 1935. Thirty-four people were in attendance on that Sunday morning. Sixteen years later, the school was incorporated as Evergreen Community Church. Today, we are a congregation of 100 to 150 attendees, with a distinctly unpretentious, family atmosphere.


Vision is not about what is. Vision is about God-inspired dreams of what could be ... and what must be! It is a picture of the future Evergreen as God intends it to be. It describes God's plans which are unique to Evergreen, our unique role in fulfilling the mission of the global church and its purposes here in the Ferndale area.

In this day and age when families are often far-flung and not available to help with the daily challenges of life, we believe that God is calling Evergreen to be a functional family for the people in our community. We envision Evergreen as a church welcoming all generations.

We envision a family passionate about our relationship with God, relying on prayer and the study of His Word both individually and corporately to grow in that relationship. We will promote worship gatherings and other events that are uplifting, instructive, memorable, relevant, fun, and welcoming to all.

We envision Evergreen becoming a family made up of small growth groups. We will tirelessly and proactively work to make this happen so that everyone is plugged into such a group, being ministered to, and ministering to others, on a personal level.

We envision Evergreen becoming externally focused, proactively identifying the needs of the community outside our family, doing our best to meet those needs as God enables us, and sharing the good news of Christ with all people of all ages in Ferndale and the surrounding area with an emphasis on those who are not regularly attending any church, baptizing and discipling numerous new believers every year. God is also calling us to go beyond Ferndale, sending out short and long-term individuals and groups, and supporting missionaries around the world.

We envision this family serving in teams and giving everyone a sense of belonging and fulfillment. We will be proactive in helping everyone to identify and develop their spiritual gifts, and in creating opportunities for the use of these gifts, helping everyone to become all that God designed them to be. We will continuously train ourselves, young and old, to take on leadership roles of increasing responsibility, not in isolation, but taking advantage of expertise already gained by others.

This is our dream---our vision about what could be!